integraMate® | Design Flexibility for Custom Terminations

QA Technology’s integraMate® ICS series hyperboloid contacts are designed with flexibility in mind to accommodate your needs as a connector designer. With a diameter reduction up to 30% compared to earlier hyperboloid contact designs, this allows closer center distances previously only possible with screw machined or stamped contacts. The flexibility of our automated assembly system enables easy customization of the contact; this allows us to accommodate your insulator design, termination needs and preferences for contact retention and loading. Our ICS contacts can be configured to be fixed, removable, loaded from the mating face or rear loaded. Terminations can include solder cup, crimp, straight and right angle PCB, square post, etc. We are flexible with the design of our contacts so you can be successful with your customers.
Flexible Design
The idea of a flexible design envelope is simple; although the structure of a hyperboloid contact is relatively complicated, we’ve reserved just a couple areas that are “fixed”. With the exception of the tubular section housing the contact wire nest and a short section immediately behind the tube, we have removed all the typical design constraints associated with automated assembly. If it can be made on a modern screw machine within maximum length and diameter limits, we can make it for you. With our help, you can go from concept to prototype contacts, in 6-8 weeks or less. Below is an example of our ICS45/50/60 series socket design flexibility.
Flexible Design ICS45Bx
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All specifications subject to change without notice. All dimensions are in [mm].