Probe Spring Force Identification

QA Technology probes are available in a wide range of spring forces allowing the Test Engineer or Fixture Fabricator to custom-tune test probe applications. Spring design is a critical factor in probe life, internal resistance and contact integrity. QA springs are force and cycle tested to insure consistent performance and reliability.

Low force springs are typically used in highly populated sections of vacuum fixtures for proper pull down. Standard force springs are ideal for most vacuum and mechanical fixtures. High force springs are useful in penetrating contaminated contact surfaces in low-density areas. Elevated, Extra and Ultra force springs are used in cases of extreme contamination or heavy flux residues.

Increased available space for the spring in our patented probes allows QA to offer the only .100 [2.54] centers, .250 [6.35] stroke probe that can be used at full stroke without risk of fatigue failure. This extra space also allows us to offer a .400 [10.16] stroke probe to fit in the same sockets / termination pins as their .250 [6.35] stroke counterparts. For ease of selection and to help identify the proper replacement probe, the probe tubes on our 075-25, 100-12, 100-15, 100-16, 100-24, 100-25, 100-40 and 125-PRH25 series probes as well as our X50-25, X50-40, X75-25 and X75-40 socketless series are marked with spring force designations on their outer surface.

Probe Spring Force Identification laser markings