Socket & Termination Selection

QA Technology offers a wide variety of socket and termination pins to fit your application. The following is a summary of the various options and their applications. Please note, some of these socket or termination styles are only available in specific probe series.


Allows the user to manually attach custom wiring (i.e. different length or colors).

Crimp with Pre-attached Wire:

Used primarily on close center/fine pitch probe sizes where wire wrap is not available. For a reliable connection they are available with a four-jaw, eight (8) indent crimp for the wire attachment. Various wire gauges, lengths and colors are available.

Male Round Tube:

Available with an .039 [1.00] OD with different termination length options. Typically mounted onto edge cards, ribbon cable assemblies or other type connectors. Made to accept a one (1) millimeter receptacle plug. These sockets are made of stainless steel and are recommended for corrosive environments. They are not recommended for solder applications.

No Termination:

Typically used as an inexpensive option. These sockets can be soldered directly to a board or with care can be crimped or soldered into the open end.

Wire Plug:

Allows the user to easily disconnect wire from the socket for trouble-shooting or repair. Bottom of socket is formed to accept wire plugs.

Round Pin:

Used primarily for connectors but can also be directly soldered into board vias.

Solder Cup:

Highly reliable connection used primarily in low-density areas. Can be wave or hand soldered and used in vias or with wire.

Square Wire Wrap Pin:

The most commonly used termination in ATE fixturing. Used for large-scale wiring. Provides excellent electrical integrity by providing a gas-tight connection therefore preventing the effects of corrosion. One of the most cost-effective connection methods for skilled fixture makers because it is fast, reliable and inexpensive.

Wire Jack:

A pluggable wire connection method that allows the user to easily connect a wire, and if necessary, disconnect from the socket or termination pin for trouble-shooting or repair. Wire Jacks are available with or without a pre-attached wire in various gauge sizes, lengths and colors.

Wire Grip:

Allows the user to connect user-supplied 28 or 30 AWG silver plated solid conductor wire directly to the socket or termination pin. Slide a wire grip sleeve over the wire and onto the socket or termination pin to complete the electrical connection and provide insulation and spacing between adjacent contacts.

Double Ended:

Used in wireless fixtures, offering shorter signal path lengths for improved signal integrity from the tester circuits to the unit under test (UUT) than conventional wired designs.