Wire Jack Installation

Wire Jacks are used to connect 28 or 30 AWG solid conductor, Kynar insulated wire to various sockets and termination pins. Multi-Strand wire is not recommended. The same Wire Jack (WJ2830) is used for both wire gauges. Wire Jacks are available with or without pre-attached wire.

  • When using the JTR2830 tool, place the Wire Jack wire assembly into the slotted channel and seat the Wire Jack insulator into the end of the nose of the tool.
  • insert the Wire Jack and wire assembly into the back of the Socket or Termination Pin until the Wire Jack seats against the receptacle.
  • A positive “click” will be felt when the assembly is complete. This can also be done with tweezers by gripping the wire just above the insulator and following the above step.
  • Wire Jacks are reusable and may be removed by pulling the wire straight back. The Wire Jack will remain attached to the wire