Wire Plug Installation

Wire Plugs are used to connect 28 or 30 AWG solid conductor, Kynar insulated wire to all QA Technology .050 [1.27] centers "P" termination sockets. Multi-strand is not recommended. Sockets are also available with pre-attached wire and other termination styles.

Wire Plugs are easily plugged into sockets and can be unplugged and reused. They are self-insulating and color-coded for wire gauge. WP28 is used for 28 AWG wire and has a red insulator, WP30 is used for 30 AWG wire and has a blue insulator.

  • Insert 28 or 30 AWG solid conductor Kynar insulated wire, stripped to .120 [3.05], into WP28 or WP30. Wire strippers WS28 or WS30 pre-set to the proper strip length of .120 [3.05] are available. Insertion is complete when insulation stops against internal shoulder and bare wire protrudes through tip of Wire Plug.
  • Using tweezers or appropriate WTR Installation Tool, insert Wire Plug and wire assembly into back of socket until Wire Plug shoulder is flush with socket opening. A positive "click" will be felt when assembly is complete.
    • Wire Plugs are reusable and may be removed by pulling straight back on the wire. The Wire Plug will remain attached to the wire.
    • If Wire Plug installation or retention force is noticeably reduced, the wire is worn. Simply cut and re-strip the wire to restore original forces.