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Advantages and Features of Socketless

  • Mount “larger” probes on closer centers for longer probe life.

  • Eliminating the single press ring socket increases pointing accuracy.

  • Replace socketless probes as easily as conventional probes for preventive maintenance.

  • Multiple set heights allow for various test probe height requirements.

  • Wide variety of tip styles and spring force selections to accommodate various test targets.

  • Available with .400 [10.16] stroke for dual level testing.

  • Decreased stroke option (-D) in the .400 [10.16] stroke probe offering higher spring forces in a longer probe.

  • Double-ended termination pins available for wireless test fixtures.

  • Easily incorporated into fixture designs for all test platforms: Agilent, GenRad, Teradyne and others.

  • X Probe Socketless Technology is compatible with all existing manufacturing and assembly techniques.

  • Larger termination pins allow for faster drill times for socketless fixture construction.

  • X Probe termination pins have significantly longer life compared to conventional socket/probe designs.
conventional vs. socketless probes