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QA Technology’s Extended Stroke Probe is designed for applications where a longer plunger and more stroke is needed. The 100-50 series probe is a 0.500" (12.7mm) full stroke probe that fits into a standard 100-25 series socket.

Suggested Uses:

ESD Ground illustration

1. To continuously bleed off static charge from a support plate, use an extended stroke ESD ground probe in a probe plate to contact an ESD lug.

ESD Ground illustration

2. Use an extended stroke ESD ground probe to contact a ground point on the UUT to bleed off static before other probes contact a board.

Gate Switch

3. Used with a shorter stroke probe, the extended reach probe contacts a conductive sensor on a gate or support plate to signal if a gate is open or closed.

Electrical verification while open

4. Use an extended stroke probe when connecting to transfer points that are connected to topside probes or other signals for sensor plates used in an upper gate assembly. This allows electrical verification to be performed while the topside assembly is in the “open” position.


100-50 Product Series Details