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Long Stroke Probes for Dual-Level Testing

QA Technology's .400 [10.16] long stroke probes are designed for use in dual-level (Functional/In-Circuit) test fixtures. The long stroke probes are easily mixed with their standard-stroke .250 [6.35] counterparts. Long stroke and standard stroke probes with the same center spacing are install in identical sockets, and mounted at the same set height. This allows the probes to be interchanged freely from one socket or termination pin to another as test needs dictate.

As shown below, the long stroke probe tips are .150 [3.81] higher than neighboring standard stroke probes when the fixture is not actuated. In the functional test position, the long stroke probes are deflected .060 [1.52], leaving .090 [2.29] clearance to the tips of the standard stroke probes. During in-circuit test, deflection of the long stroke probes is .317 [8.05], and the standard stroke probes are deflected .167 [4.24], which is the recommended two-thirds stroke position.

operational position