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Triple Press Ring Socket Construction

Triple press ring sockets are a worldwide exclusive from QA to meet the increased pointing accuracy demands of the ATE industry.

Triple press ring sockets are available in our 039-16, 039-25, 039-40, 050-25, and 050-40 series product lines and offer the following benefits:

Pointing Accuracy:

Like double press ring sockets, triple press ring sockets offer true alignment with the socket mounting hole. Keeping at least two press rings in the mounting hole eliminates the possibility of the socket tilting which may occur with single press ring sockets. This is critical for applications which require tight pointing accuracy.

Reduces Inventory:

Because triple press rings cover the entire range of set heights, it is not necessary to calculate specific set heights before placing your order. This feature enables you to reduce your inventory levels by carrying a single socket for all your requirements.

Very Wide Range of Set Heights:

Covering the common range of set heights with double press rings require multiple sockets with the rings in different locations. Triple press rings allow set heights from flush up to .270 [6.86] in plates as thin as .313 [7.95] with just a single socket.

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