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Reinstalling Termination Pins

If reinstalling the termination pin with the probe and spacer plates removed, see termination installation instructions.

Termination Pin Reinstallation with Probe and Spacer Plates Installed:

Step 1

Check the mounting hole to make sure nothing is obstructing it. The appropriate ETR-E tool can be inserted into the hole to check this.

Step 2

Drop the replacement termination pin into the hole tail first. If the termination pin hangs up in the Probe or Spacer Plate hole, the ETR-E tool can be used to push it to its starting position on the top of the Back Plate.

Step 3

The termination pins are installed by tapping lightly on the tools "striker" with a small hammer. Only install the termination pin to the point where the mark (made previously) on the tool shank aligns with the top of the Probe Plate. This ensures that the termination pin is at the same set height as the previously removed termination pin. Because the X39 Series uses the same sized holes for the probe and back plates, reinstalling the X39 termination pin requires the termination pin to first be driven through the probe plate with the ITRX39-FL tool. Then use the ETRX39 tool until the termination pin passes through the probe plate. Continue with the ETRX39E to complete the installation.

Step 4

Reinstall the proper X Probe with appropriate PT tool or other plastic pusher.

Step 5

Reconnect fixture wiring to the tail of the termination pin.


Instructional video on how to install and remove X Probes and termination & pins. See Chapter 5 for replacing a termination pin.