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Wire Grip Installation

QA Technology’s Wire Grip Sleeve design allows the user a quick and easy way to connect a 28 or 30 AWG silver plated, solid conductor and insulated wire onto our “G” type termination socket or X Probe termination pin.


Step 1

Slide the WG wire grip sleeve onto the .120 [3.05] stripped solid wire.

Lay the wire and sleeve into the channel of the GTR tool. Slide wire and sleeve into the nose until the WG sleeve bottoms on the inner shoulder of the GTR tool.

Step 2

While holding the wire firmly with your thumb, insert and push the wire into the socket until the insulation bottoms on the termination. The stripped wire will be exposed through the slot of the termination.

Step 3

Next, slide the sleeve over the socket using the GTR tool until the stripped wire is completely encased.


Step 1

With tweezers or needle-nose pliers, slide the wire grip sleeve off the socket and wire.

Pull straight back while wiggling the wire back and forth, until the wire is freed from the socket. Any broken pieces of wire should be removed to prevent possible shorting in the fixture.


Instructional video of wire connection methods. See Chapter 1 for Wire Grip installation and removal.