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Wire Jack Installation

Wire Jacks are used to connect 28 or 30 AWG solid conductor, Kynar insulated wire to various sockets and termination pins. Multi-Strand wire is not recommended. The same Wire Jack (WJ2830) is used for both wire gauges. Wire Jacks are available with or without pre-attached wire.

  • When using the JTR2830 tool, place the Wire Jack wire assembly into the slotted channel and seat the Wire Jack insulator into the end of the nose of the tool.
  • insert the Wire Jack and wire assembly into the back of the Socket or Termination Pin until the Wire Jack seats against the receptacle.
  • A positive “click” will be felt when the assembly is complete. This can also be done with tweezers by gripping the wire just above the insulator and following the above step.
  • Wire Jacks are reusable and may be removed by pulling the wire straight back. The Wire Jack will remain attached to the wire.
  • In high probe count or high density applications where unsupported sockets/terminations could flex due to wire tension it may be necessary to add additional insulation over the black Wire Jack insulator to keep adjacent contacts from shorting together. Our INS046 Kynar insulation can be used for this purpose.
Wire Jack Installation


Instructional video of wire connection methods. See Chapter 3 for Wire Jack installation and removal.

An air-actuated crimper (CR2830) is available for permanently attaching customer-supplied wire to Wire Jacks. The crimper is a precision tool that requires no maintenance other than occasional adjustment of crimp depth.

Crimper Operating Procedure:

  • Connect the crimper to 60±5 psi (4.2±0.4 kg/cm2) air.
  • Strip the 28 or 30 AWG solid conductor, Kynar insulated wire to .120±.015 inches (3.05±.38 mm). QA offers WS28 and WS30 wire strippers preset to this length.
  • Insert the wire fully into the Wire Jack, making certain the Kynar insulation bottoms inside.
  • Insert the wire and Wire Jack assembly fully into the crimping nest. Press and release the trigger
Crimper Installation