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Socket Push Out Force

When mounting socket in G10 epoxy fiberglass, increasing the set height increases the socket pushout force. This is due to the abrasive nature of G10, which removes material from the press ring as the socket is pushed in to lower set heights and thus reduces the interference fit. In acrylic, pushout force is less dependent on set height, since acrylic is not as abrasive as G10 and therefore does not appreciably remove press ring material as the socket is pushed in to lower set heights.

Sockets mounted in G10 have greater pushout forces than sockets mounted in acrylic.

At set heights greater than .125 [3.18] in G10, .100 [2.54] centers sockets with the standard press ring have higher pushout force than sockets with extended press rings. However, sockets with extended press rings have higher pushout force at set heights below .125 [3.18]. This effect is also present with .075 [1.91] centers sockets, but the set height threshold is .225 [5.72].

The pushout force for .050 [1.27] centers sockets in G10 does not appreciably vary for different set heights. The 050-25 series tested uses triple press rings; the top ring enters the plate as the lower one wears and exits, holding pushout force constant.

Test Procedure

Test plates were made from 5/16" thick G10 and acrylic, and holes on [2.54] grid were automatically drilled using solid carbide circuit board drills. Finished hole diameters were .067/.069 [1.70/1.75] for .100 [2.54] center sockets, .053/.055 [1.35/1.40] for .075 [1.91] center sockets, and .038/.039 [0.97/0.99] for .050 [1.27] center sockets. Ten samples of each of the seven socket types tested were installed to five different set heights (see data) in each of the two plate materials. A screw-driven press was used to ensure that the sockets were installed t consistent speed, as previous tests have shown that varying installation speed will affect pushout force. Sockets were pushed out using the same press and a digital force gage to measure maximum pushout force.

100-25 Series Push Out Force
075-25 Series Push Out Force
050-R25 Series Push Out Force