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Go Green and Recycle

With Our Environment-Friendly Recycle Program

Recycle all your worn out, ready to discard probes and receptacles (no matter which brand they are) by using QA’s Environment Friendly Recycle Program.

QA Technology is aware and sensitive of the industry’s need to control and track process materials including those that may have come into contact with lead during assembly and test. **We are now extending a recycle service to all customers to address probe and receptacle recycle requirements.


Please call your QA Customer Service Representative at (603) 926-0348 or for more details.

* For smaller weights, contact QA for more information.

** Offer is limited to North American customers only.

QA Technology retains the rights to modify any of the terms and conditions contained in the recycle program at anytime at our sole discretion without notice. Offer is limited to North American customers only.

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