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QA technology 2018 Probe Guide includes detailed specifications for spring loaded probes, probe tips and tools


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What's New

Self-Cleaning 55 Crown Tip Style

June 2019

Our “55” self-cleaning steel crown tip style is now available in our .400 [10.16] long stroke 100-mil and X75 Socketless probe series to capture smaller leads and posts in dual level testing. This crown has 5 high and 5 low ridges to trap and prevent the lead or post from glancing off the head. The short inner ridges make them stronger and less susceptible to damage; while its self-cleaning design reduces contaminant buildup, making them easier to clean.

High preload spring force in any of our headless steel tip styles.

May 2019

QA’s high preload springs offer a higher force during the first 2/3rd of actuation, resulting in better probe tip penetration and higher first-pass yields. You can not only get the spring force you need, but with a tip that is more suitable for the intended target.

Probe Identification

April 2019

New laser markings will now be featured on our 50-mil and X39 probe series. Complete probe specifications can easily be identified for exact replacement during regularly scheduled maintenance.

Self-Cleaning G4 Crown Tip Style

February 2019

Our new “G4” Crown tip style is a self-cleaning steel tip designed with 4 sharp cutting edges to contact solder domes, test pads and capturing small short leads. The Ø.020 [0.51] diameter across the 100, 75 and 50mil probe series gives the advantage of the same tip geometry for a given contact feature on the Unit Under Test (UUT).