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ICS60 Series | 0.60 mm Contacts


ICS50 Pins

0.60mm Hyperboloid Pins

ICS60 series contacts utilize a highly reliable 6-wire hyperboloid cage and are designed to mate with 0.60mm (.0236") diameter pins. PCB, Crimp or Solder cup terminations are available.

Part Numbers


Specifications when mated with ICS60 Sockets

Mechanical Specification
Durability (EIA 364-9C) Up to 100,000 Cycles, <2 milliohm change
Operating Temperature -65°C to 125°C
Wire Size for Crimp & Solder Cup
22 - 26 AWG
Electrical Specification
Resistance (LLCR-EIA 364-23B) < 5 milliohms
Current Rating 4.0 Amp nominal for 30°C T∆ with 22 AWG wiring
Materials Specification
Mating Pin Brass, 50μ inch gold plating over nickel
Spring Clip Beryllium Copper, not plated

All specifications subject to change without notice. All dimensions are in [mm]. US Patent No. 6,767,260 & 7,775,841