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ICO Test Data Summary

Below is a summary of the various independent testing done on our integraMate ICO Series. Conctact QA for more information

Test Standard Description ICS40 ICS45 ICS50 ICS60
EIA 364-23B
LLCR <8.0 mΩ
<8.0 milliohms <7.0 milliohms <5.0 milliohms
EIA 364-9C Durability / 100,000 cycles <2.0 mΩ change <2.0 milliohm change <2.0 milliohm change <2.0 milliohm change
EIA 364-13B Mating / UnmatingForces
1.13 oz avg /51 pin connector mating force per contact 2.12 oz avg / 19 pin connector mating force per contact / 20k cycles    
EIA 364-31B Cyclic Humidity
240 hours / 10 cycles
98% RH / 500 cycles preconditioning  / <2.0 mΩ change      
EIA 364-32C Thermal Shock -65°C to 125°C, 20 cycles, 500 preconditioning <2.0 mΩ change      
EIA 364-27B Mechanical Shock Stepped up x5 to 500Gs (18 shocks per step / <2.0 mΩ change / No discontinuity >10 nonoseconds      
EIA 364-28D Random Vibration Stepped to 43.92 Grms shocks (45min/axis x5 steps / <3.5 mΩ change / No discontinuity >10 nanorseconds      
EIA 364-70A Temperature rise vs. Current Rating 4.5A 30°C ĐT 6.1A 30°C ΔT 6.3A 30°C ΔT 7.4A 30°C ΔT