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integraMate® | Wire Preparation & Contact Removal


Wire Preparation

These are the cable jacket and wire strip lengths recommended for crimp and solder cup termination, they apply to both pin and socket contacts.

Wire Preparation

Contact Removal

ITE-O60 (0.60mm) and ITE-OA5 (1.50mm) Extraction Tools are used to remove both pin and socket contacts from either the receptacle housing or the plug contact insert. With some care, removal and replacement of contacts can be accomplished with relative ease.
Wire Preparation ITE 060
Wire Preparation ITE OA5
ITE extraction tools have a spring loaded coaxial mechanism, this is how they work:

Step 1:

While putting a light forward pressure on the attached conductor (to help unseat the contact from the insulator), insert the tool tip around the pin /socket contact and push backwards. (Rotating the tool slightly while gently pushing, helps to close the retention clip tangs).

Step 2:

The outer sleeve (which is spring loaded) closes the tines of the pin/socket retention clip and releases the pin/socket.

Step 3:

The inner sleeve now acts to push the contact in a backwards direction and ejects the pin/socket through the back of the contact housing.

Contact Removal