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Technology and electronics manufacturers face unprecedented manufacturing complexities. Miniaturization and densification continues to move at breathtaking pace, while competitive pressures are squeezing production schedules and putting costs under scrutiny at every turn.

QA Technology was born out of such challenges. For more than 40 years, we’ve been committed to manufacturing superior products, delivering them in a timely manner, and supporting them with some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry.

Since receiving our first U.S. patent in 1986, we’ve continued to challenge ourselves and enhance our state-of-the art capabilities for high-speed manufacturing automation; with the relentless goal of continually improving the quality, performance, cost and speed of delivery that our customers need.

The QA Advantage

We promise total customer satisfaction, and our customers are quick to point out how we deliver on that promise. They recognize the tangible benefits of a quality first partnership:

Exceptional Performance
Exceptional Performance: Simply put, our products enable the best electrical contact – however demanding of the application.

Outstanding Value
Outstanding Value: In addition to being competitively priced, QA probes have been proven to last for more cycles than any others on the market. Our integraMate hyperboloid contacts are up to 30% smaller than competitor products.

Fast Delivery
Fast Delivery: Most orders are shipped the same day and delivered within 24 hours.

Exceptional Service
First-rate Service: Our support team, equipped with extensive customer, industry and product experience, provides highly personalized advice and guidance to ensure ongoing success.

“We’re proud of the global recognition that QA has achieved. Our products are trusted and specified by designers in the world’s most recognized electronics and technology companies. They know they will produce a higher quality product, meet tight delivery schedules, and achieve greater production yields”
- David Coe, President, QA Technology