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QA’s meticulous commitment to quality begins with our own processes and automated manufacturing capabilities. By designing, building and testing our own high-speed automation machines, which incorporate sensors for 100% inspection, we can assure the highest possible quality and accuracy of every component we produce.

Our registration to ISO9001 demonstrates our commitment to Quality and effectiveness of our Quality System, which rests on four pillars:

Qualtiy Feature Number 1
Our ability to develop innovative processes and fully-automatic high-speed assembly machines, which incorporate sensors for 100% inspection.

Qualtiy Feature Number 2
Our commitment to assuring that all processes and equipment, such as our computer controlled probe life cycle testers, and Scanning Electron Microscope, are proven capable of consistently producing a quality product.

Qualtiy Feature Number 3
Our unwavering focus on developing and maintaining our employees’ skills. QA’s production operators are thoroughly trained on the process, including inspection, and accept responsibility for monitoring process and product quality.

Qualtiy Feature Number 4
Our recognition that supplier partnering and communication is a vital part of our quality management system. Our custom quality tracking system notifies a supplier when a discrepancy is detected to correct the problem immediately and avoid any unnecessary delays.

View our ISO 9001:2015 certificate here.