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025-16 Series | 0.025 [0.63] Centers | 0.160 [4.06] Full Stroke

Designed for bare and loaded board testing.


25mil sockets for bare and loaded board testing

Socket Selection

QA Technology offers many combinations of sockets. You can build your socket by selecting the tube style, press ring and termination for your specific application.

If you have questions at any time during the process, contact us at (603) 926-0348.

Suggested mounting holes and drill sizes in AT7000, G10/FR4 or similar material should be gauged at:
Hole Size Drill Size
0.0205/0.0215 [0.521/0.546] #75 or .55mm

Order your part number.

Standard tube material.
Letter Material / Finish  
 H Phos Bronze/ID & OD precious metal clad  
Standard termination.
Letter Description  
 C Crimp
Available Option (if required)
Letter Description  
 3 30 AWG Blue Kynar solid insulated wire 36 [914] length pre-attached with 1.0 [25.4] stripped end.

All specifications subject to change without notice. All dimensions are in [mm]. All spring forces are oz [gm/newtons].