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Double Ended Sockets Overview

Double-ended sockets are comprised of a standard socket with a special interface probe permanently attached to the tail of the socket. Double-ended sockets allow construction of fixtures with far shorter signal path lengths than conventional wire-wrapped designs. The shorter path length allows better control of the signal from the tester circuits to the Unit Under Test (UUT). Note: Top test probe is not included with double ended sockets and should be ordered separately (see applicable product series)
double ended sockets

Interface Probe Specifications

Tube Material: Nickel silver/ID precious metal clad
Working Stroke: Up to .100 [2.54]
Operating Temp: Up to 204°C
double ended sockets

Spring Force


Full Stroke

@.100 [2.54]

Life Cycles @
.100 [2.54] Stroke
039-25 0.75 [21] 4.63 [131] 3.85 [109] SS 10,000
All Others 0.80 [23] 5.22 [147] 3.75 [106] SS 100,000

All specifications subject to change without notice. All dimensions are in [mm]. All spring forces are oz [gm].