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ICS50 Series | 0.50 mm Contacts


ICS50 Design Detail

ICS50 Press Fit Socket

ICS50 Removable Design Detail

ICS50 Removable Socket

Flexible Design Envelope

Custom terminations can be desgined to suit your specific applications utiilizing QA's “state of the art” automation equipment.

The flexible desgin listed outlines the minimum and maximum size envelope to desgin your next custom connector.

Contacts are available for front and rear loaded connector designs, and can be designed with PCB, solder cup or crimp terminations.

Faded Terminations

Ready to order?

Contact one of our Applications Engineers to discuss your next connector designs at (603) 926-1193 or

Pin & Socket Engagement Lengths Specification
Pin Depth to Ensure Full Engagement of Wires .145 [3.68]
Initial Contact Point of Wires .080 [2.03]
Length of Wipe .065 [1.65]
Maximum Pin Insertion Depth .205 [5.21]
Minimum Entry Ø .022 [0.56]
Nominal Mating Pin Ø .020 [0.50]

All specifications subject to change without notice. All dimensions are in [mm]. US Patent No. 6,767,260 & 7,775,841