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IDO2 Series | Circular Connectors


IDO2 Series Circular Connectors

QA Technology integraMate® D-Series Connectors are high quality, plastic circular connectors featuring the reliability of integraMate® hyperboloid contacts. They are designed to be used in applications where low mating force, resistance to vibration and reliability over a high number of mating cycles is essential. Featuring a low profile, easy to actuate latch mechanism and ergonomic shell design, they are perfect for a wide range of instrumentation applications. Made of impact resistant polycarbonate, they are able to survive rough handling. The latch mechanism provides an audible click when locked, and is resistant to accidental disconnection. D-Series connectors use easily installed and removable solder cup or crimp contacts. D-Series plugs have robust cable clamping systems and offer optional bend reliefs that make fabricating custom cable assemblies a snap.


  • Medical & Dental Equipment
  • Scientific Instruments
  • Military & Aerospace
  • Industrial Equipment


  • All the benefits of integraMate® IC Series hyperboloid contacts
  • Multiple contact configurations available
  • Removable contacts feature solder cup or crimp termination options
  • The pin and socket contacts are interchangeable within the plug and receptacle assemblies
  • High-strength polycarbonate shell & polyethersulfone (PES) cable clamp
  • Low mating/de-mating force
  • Resistant to shock & vibration
  • Long cycle life, over 10,000 connector mating cycles
  • Robust cable clamp system and bend relief option for 5.0 mm to 8.0 mm diameter cables.

Competitive Advantages

integraMate® D-Series Connectors provide clear advantages over competing hyperboloid contact, circular connectors:

  • Attractive design with improved ergonomics
  • Scientific InstrumentsImproved latching system
  • Robust cable clamping and strain relief
  • Easily removable contacts cut down on waste during assembly
  • Higher density contact patterns

Construction Details