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Probe Design and Construction

QA Technology's test probe products are designed and primarily utilized for testing of printed circuit boards and for interfacing test fixtures to automatic test equipment (ATE).

Our test products use a two-part system: a probe and a socket or termination pin. This system gives the best electrical contact when testing the various UUT configurations, such as target types and board manufacturing processes. We offer a wide range of products to test various applications including functional and in-circuit test, as well as solutions to the ever changing industry process challenges.

Features & Benefits of Conventional QA Test Probes & Sockets

conventional test probe socket

As the world of electronics continues to shrink, higher circuit density packages are required to fit more in the same space, or better yet, less space. QA's patented X Probe Socketless design concept is taking a larger more robust probe and mounting it on closer centers compared to a conventional probe and socket system. QA's conventional and X Probe series are offered in both traditional wired and double-ended, wireless configurations.

Features & Benefits of X Probe Socketless Test Probes & Terminations

xprobe test probe socket