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Socketless X Probe Technology

The X Probe® socketless design concept is taking a larger more robust probe and mounting it on closer centers compared to a conventional probe and socket system. By eliminating the socket from the system, the following shows the reduced center spacing that you can design for with our X Probe Series. The X Probe Socketless Series is comprised of two parts; a probe and a termination pin. The probe is designed around our patented rolled probe tube design with a modified interconnect receptacle on the bottom. This interconnect receptacle increases the X Probe tube length slightly. All other aspects of the probe are the same. The interconnect receptacle receives the precision interconnect pin located at the top of the termination pin. The termination pin is unique in that it performs all of the functions of a typical socket while staying within the diameter of the probe tube. The termination pin is the heart of the assembly. It retains the probe at the proper set height utilizing two retention beads while providing a reliable electrical connection from the probe to the test fixture.

Conventional Probe Center Spacing Can be Mount on Center Spacing With X Probe Series
0.100 [2.54] .075 [1.91] X75 Series
.075 [1.91] 0.050 [1.27] X50 Series
0.050 [1.27] .039 [1.00] X39 Series
.039 [1.00] .031 [0.80] X31 Series