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Socketless X Probe® Technology

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As the physical size of printed circuit boards continues to shrink faster than ever, smaller targets on closer centers have a direct correlation to the rapidly growing demand of smaller probes used in test fixtures today.

X Probe® Socketless Technology overcomes the shortcomings of using conventional probes on fine pitched targets. The X Probe socketless design utilizes a larger more robust probe and allows it to be mounted on closer centers compared to a conventional probe and socket system.

Conventional BGA Package
Socketless X Probes

The X Probe Socketless Series comprises two parts: a test probe and a termination pin. The probe is designed around our patented rolled probe tube design with a modified interconnect receptacle on the bottom. This interconnect receptacle increases the tube length while all other aspects of the probe are the same. The interconnect receptacle receives the precision interconnect pin located at the top of the termination pin.

The termination pin is unique in that it performs all the functions of a typical socket while staying within the diameter of the probe tube. The termination pin is the heart of the assembly. It retains the probe at the proper set height by utilizing two retention beads while providing a reliable electrical connection between the probe and the test fixture’s wiring.


Intercept Receptacle


  • Based on “tried and true” fixture methods.
  • Adjustable termination pin set heights for leads vs. pads/vias.
  • Available in multiple working stroke designs for compact, standard and dual leveling test fixture designs.
  • Easily incorporated into fixture designs for all test platforms: Keysight, GenRad, Teradyne and others.
  • Compatible with all existing manufacturing and assembly techniques.
  • Easy maintenance and increased test reliability.
  • Availability and acceptance worldwide benefits board designers, OEMs, fixture houses, and test engineers.


  • Large termination pin allows faster drill times.
  • Solid termination pin does not wear out and provides increased durability'
  • Reduces board manufacturing costs.
  • A greater number of spring force and tip style selections.
  • Available with all conventional wiring methods – end user friendly.
  • Increased pointing accuracy helps improve first pass yields.
  • Simplifies board design.
Socketless Features
Increased Pointing Accuracy


Available Wire Methods