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High Frequency Testing for M08-89 Series

The high frequency performance of a test contactor is of great importance in high speed test applications. QA Technology has made high frequency measurements on a surrogate test contactor populated with our M08-PRH89 probes. A microwave network analyzer and custom test fixturing was used to test the contactor in the following configurations. Equivalent circuit model data extraction provided by GigaTest Labs®. Contact QA for additional information regarding the full GigaTest® report.

For the Loop-Thru measurement, the test signal travels through the test board via and the first probe to the surrogate package. The isolated trace on the surrogate package couples the signal to the adjacent probe where it is returned back through the second test board via. All the probes surrounding the two signal carrying probes are grounded.

The configuration for the Crosstalk and S11 Open measurements are similar, except that the surrogate package does not connect the two probes under test. The coupling between them is primarily capacitive, and it is this coupling effect that is measured. For the S11 Short measurement, the surrogate package shorts the probes under test and the surrounding ground pins together.

Surrogate Package

Insertion Loss S21 Loop-thru
Crosstalk S21 Open


Easy removal and replacement with the use of tweezers. To clean tips; brush with a soft bristle brush. Never use a metal brush as it will damage the gold plating.

Probe & Socket Mounting Configuration

Probe & Socket Mounting Configurations
S11 Short & Open