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Interface Probes - Teradyne / GenRad

100-PRG2503L Interface Probes by Teradyne/GenRad

Interface Probes

The following probes are used in Teradyne/GenRad's 1800 Series 7878, 8852, 8855 testers for electromechanical contact between the fixture and tester. These part numbers are QA’s recommended direct replacements.

Teradyne/GenRad Testers:
1800 Series 7878, 8852, 8855
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100-PRG2503L Specifications

Tube Material
Letter Material Average Resistance   Current Rating1
SS @ 204°C
G Nickel silver/OD gold plated < 15 mOhms   17.3 Amps
Tip Style
Digit Material/Finish
03 Heat treated BeCu/plated gold over nickel
Spring Force
Letter Spring Force Preload @ 0.167 [4.24]
Material Cycle Life @
0.167 [4.24] Stroke
L Low 1.3 [37g/0.36N] 3.5 [99g/0.97N] SS 1,000 000

1Current Rating is affected by spring material and lubrication choice. MW springs and lubrication both have a 120°C operating temperature limit. Use SS springs with no lubrication (-N) for testing up to 204°C. Before using probes near these limits, please refer to Current Carrying Capacity and Operating Temperature Application Notes.

All specifications subject to change without notice. All dimensions are in inches [mm]. All spring forces in ounces [gms].