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Interface Probes - Teradyne / GenRad

Interface Probes are used in testers for electromechanical contact between the fixture and tester. QA Technology has listed the part numbers that correspond with the applicable testers. These part numbers are QA’s recommended direct replacements.

Recommended Part Numbers

Teradyne/GenRad QA Part Number
1800 Series 7878, 8852, 8855 100-PRG2503L and/or 100-SDN250R
2270, 2271, 2272, 2282 (any model), 2283, 2284, 2286, 2287 built before 7/95 100-PLP1241S and/or 100-PLP1241S-B
2280, 2281, 2281a, 2287a 228x ICA (any model), 2283, 2284, 2286, 2287 built after 7/95
TS121, TS124, TS128, TS81, TS84, TS86, TS87
100-PLP1541S, 100-PLP1543S, 100-PLP1541S-B or 100-PLP1543S-B  
2887L, 2887LX, TS87L, TS87LX, TS128L, TS124LX, TSLH, TSLX, TSH52, TSH51, TSMS,TSA (high density capacity) 100-PRG2441S, 100-PRG2443S,    100-PLP1541S or 100-PLP1543S



100-PLP1541S or 100-PLP1543S

100-PRG2441S or 100-PRG2443S

100-PRG2503L Interface Probes by Teradyne/GenRad
100-PL1241 Interface Probes by Teradyne/GenRad
100-PL1541 Interface Probes by Teradyne/GenRad
100-PRG2441S Interface Probes by Teradyne/GenRad


All specifications subject to change without notice. All dimensions are in [mm]. All spring forces are [gm].