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Socket Installation

Following these instructions will ensure that QA Technology sockets are installed in the correct manner for best pointing accuracy, retention force and overall performance.

Step 1

Before installing sockets, check that the mounting hole is the correct diameter with the appropriate PG Tool. When drilling laminates such as AT7000, G10/FR4, there is usually a difference between the drill diameter and the actual measured diameter of the finished hole. Drill feed, spindle speed and material affect selection of the proper diameter drill. Solid carbide, printed circuit board drills with 1/8" shanks are recommended.

Step 2

Insert the Socket in the Mounting Hole. The socket should slide easily into the hole until the press ring makes contact with the top surface of the mounting plate.

Step 3

Fit the nosepiece of the proper Installation Tool (ITR) over the top end of the socket (the end closest to the press ring). Install the socket by lightly tapping the striker back of the tool with a small hammer until the nose of the tool contacts the plate. Sockets installed with several light taps will have at least double the pushout force of sockets installed with a single blow.


Instructional video on how to install sockets and probes. See Chapter 1 for Socket Installation.