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X Probe Termination Installation

The ITR set tools are designed to install termination pins into the Back Plate at a specified set height. Installation is performed with the Probe Plate and optional Spacer Plates removed. The X Probe termination pins are installed in the back plate of the fixture and are used to adjust the set height of the probe while providing the electrical connection from the probe to the fixture wiring.

Step 1

Insert the termination into the correctly gauged mounting hole, tail end first. The bottom retention bead should be sitting on top of the Back plate. When installing TC terminations (crimped with pre-attached wire), thread the wire through the mounting hole and gently pull on the wire until the first retention bead contacts the back plate. Do not try to pull the retention beads thru the plate by the attached wire; the crimp tube body can pull apart from the termination retention bead portion of the assembly causing damaged parts.

Step 2

Place the nose of the ITR tool over the termination interconnect pin.

Step 3

Tap lightly on the ITR tool with a small hammer until the tool’s stop has contacted the mounting material. Because of the delicate nature of the ITRX31 and ITRX39 tools, extra care must be taken so that the tool does not get damaged. Replacement tips are available see “Tools” page.


QA’s X Probe termination pins are easily installed into the Back Plate when the hole sizes are accurate. Some common errors that could occur if the holes are too small: Retention beads are sheared off during installation causing shorts (see Diagram A). Check the hole sizes using the PG Tools. Termination pin damage, plate damage and inconsistent set heights. Excessive hammering on the insertion tool (see Diagram B and C).

Termination Installation

Diagram A:
Metal Shavings

Termination Installation

Diagram B:
Mounting plate materila has been displaced due to excessive hammering of the installation tool. Temrination pins to the right have been installed properly.

Termination Installation

Diagram C:
The shoulder of the termination pin has been damaged due to excessive hammering of the tool. Inconsistent set hights may also occur.


Instructional video on how to install and remove X Probes and termination & pins. See Chapter 1 for termination pin installation.